Hermit Poet

Born: 1948 in NYC
Upbringing: Westchester County, NY
Education: BA, Cornell University '70
Post-graduate work, Cornell and New York University
Certificat D'Assiduité, Université D'Aix-Marseille, Nice, France

Professional Background:

31 years as owner and manager of
Manhattan Homes Inc., a real estate firm in New York City. Past work experiences: talent agent, manager, and promoter in the entertainment field, producing over 100 concerts and musical events. Also, President, MH Advertising, and General Manager for Market Probe, Int'l, a Manhattan based market research and data processing firm, college varsity volleyball coach, pizza delivery guy.

Personal Statement:

In writing, and with poetry in particular, my preferences trend toward using multiple voices in a range of styles. Influential elements include
sociolinguistic theory; semiotics with aspects of structuralism, post-structuralism and deconstruction; consideration of the (various) Reals; textualities; Ludwig Wittgenstein's later thoughts on language; Roland Barthes' bifurcation of readerly and writerly texts, with writerly (le texte scriptible) taking the dominant role; surrealism, the work of other poets, a familial background in literature, psychoanalysis, and linguistics; and some current conditions. Also often presented are simpler “songs,” inauguratory or responsive in nature, parodies, and pieces derived from hypnopompic states. Past works include "Blend," "The Butterfly Effect," "Mate in Two," "The Only Leaper," and War Stories.

More biographical information is available at
A Memoir In Progress…